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Beauceron Security delivers effective, efficient and engaging cybersecurity training across Canada and in 39 countries around the world. Their software as a service is fast, secure and easy to deploy, providing actionable metrics for executives and an ability to customize content to meet corporate culture. They’re proud to offer a Canadian-made platform that allows clients to monitor, manage and identify security gaps while working to increase awareness and reduce cyber risks.

Beauceron meets clients where they are in their security maturity. Their Phish Focus product is a phishing only service. Unlimited automated phishing and campaigns as well as adjustable phish templates and metrics on click and reporting rates can be integrated into Outlook 2013+.

Beauceron’s Engagement Platform builds on their Phish Focus product, with customizable, bilingual learning content and simplified risk scores and assessments. Clients learn what their top security risks are based on the NIST cybersecurity framework, and learn where to dedicate security efforts, based on people, process, culture and technology.


Wayne Hatfield, Vice President of Business Development



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