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Corruven’s  started as  any  great  story  does  :  in the  forest. It’s  founder  Alain  Belanger,  had  a  devotion  for  nature,  a passion for  challenges  and a need  to live in  a world where  future  generation would  be rich in  natural  resources. You see this  founder  believed in  using our  resources  in  a smarter  way,  extracting more performance with  fewer  resources.  To redefine  the meaning  of  the word managing  sustainable forest .  Arm  with a  clear  purpose and  a  goal  in  mind,  our founder  set  out  to  put  the  world  on  fire. Fast-forward years  later,  Corruven is  backed  by  +150 strategic  investors  and  is  well on its  way  to  change  the  game,  particularly  in  the architectural and  protective  packaging industry.  Our  technology  made from  the corrugated wood fibre, optimize the  natural  strength of  the wood fibre,  creating  a technology  that  is 75% lighter. Our  solutions  answer  the clients  need  for  protective  materials  that  is  …. – Strong:  can withhold  it’s  strength over  an extended period of  time – – User-Friendly:  Can be use by  team  members  without  any  hardship Cost  Effective:  brings  more value  &  performance That’s  why  we’ve created these sustainable  sourced solution to  not  only  able companies  to comply  with the state and federal  regulations  to eliminate harmful  plastics  and  EPS  based foam. Everyday,  we aim  to reunite key  worldwide  leaders  towards  a singular  goal: Converting  our  societies  into  greener,  environmentally  conscious  ones,  using state of  the art  solutions.

We are Corruven,  Truly  sustainable.


Alain Belanger, CEO



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