About iSun Energy



iSun Energy is a brand of  renewzinc., a Canadian company focused on solar energy and electric vehicle technology charging solutions. The groups of Canadian and American-based companies are on a mission to create clean energy and mobility, through the delivery of a smart, solar power shading structures. Using state of the art solar and EV charging technology, combined with innovative all-aluminum proprietary structures and grid-smart ready management software, iSun Energy has created a line of solar power shading systems for residential to commercial applications, available and configurable to the user’s specifications on its website at www.isunenergy.com.



Sass Peress, CEO - renewz inc. (iSun Energy)

Michael Carroll-Sherwin, Director of Operations - renewz inc. (iSun Energy)


Meetings Objectives

Market Intelligence | Joint Venture, Partnership | Distribution Channel Partner | Sales Development