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JFS Energy Advisors was formed to offer executive and strategic consulting service that has helped customers navigate and succeed in the complex energy markets. JFS has led teams that have managed over $2 billion in customer energy spend across North America and have saved customers such as Large Industrials – Paper Mills, Colleges and Universities – University of Maine, its System, Dartmouth College and UMass System over $100 million the past decade.

JFS has been involved in and on the ground in project and leadership roles for multi-billion-dollar pipeline projects as well as large multi-billion on site
energy and mining projects (Transmission Upgrades, Lateral Pipeline Interconnects, new Central Plants, etc). In addition, JFS’s leadership developed the plans that secured over 120,000 residential and small business electricity and natural gas customers in just 18 months, and built channel markets and various distribution vehicles leading to brand leverage and an enhanced customer value proposition. JFS offers a full array of services that help clients tackle difficult energy related issues ranging from origination, procurement, risk management, utility relations, demand side management, project economics, renewables, sustainability, distributed generation, retail sales and project management among a myriad
of other various services. Some of the services include:

• Network, Relationships, Processes
Due to a long career with vast energy services/experiences and projects, JFS offers a unique perspective in the marketplace, the ability to touch and navigate projects,
processes at the highest levels. JFS offers connections and communications that are unparalleled in the marketplace such as:
* Government – elected and regulatory
* Suppliers – all energy products
* Utilities – electricity and natural gas
* Renewables – wind, solar, bio-mass, efficiency
* Associations – Chambers, New England Council, Northeast Energy Commerce, New England Canadian Business Council, etc.
* Customers – some of the largest users in the US, Northeast, as well as chains, mid-size, etc.
* Regulatory – working closely with Federal, State and local government on project related issues
• Energy Procurement
* Vast market knowledge in all energy commodities, regionally, nationally, North American wide, including presenting and speaking on many topics, issues at various
venues regarding markets, procurement, regulatory, issues, etc.
* The procurement of energy and all related energy products including but not limited to electricity, natural gas, oil, renewables, renewable energy credits, etc
* Defining the level of risk to determine how to purchase energy via – spot or dailies, block and index, fixed price through a complete or modified hedging strategy, etc
* Vast network and relationship with suppliers
* Detailed analysis of options
Utility Relations
* Work with utilities to determine if any funding is available for capital induced projects such as energy efficiency, cogeneration, etc
* Determine if the customer is appropriately placed or classed in the utility tariff and determine if they are receiving the best and most economically viable rate based on the
customer’s demand and usage profile
* Negotiate with utility on any and all specific customer project such as connection to local distribution company either via electricity or natural gas, etc.
Special Projects
* Economic analysis for various energy related projects such as conversion work such as boilers from one fuel to another, cogeneration economic analysis, economic viability on
energy efficiency projects, etc.
* LNG and CNG – Work with customers to help them secure the most economic, efficient  and environmentally friendly fuel source such as bringing Liquefied Natural Gas or
Compressed Natural Gas to the facility. Services include economic analysis associated with the opportunity, project management of task and correlating conversion and
management of the fuel source going forward
* Pipeline connectivity – determining if a direct connect to a pipeline is economically viable and if it is, manage the entire process of pipeline or LDC negotiations to project
* Renewables – assisting customers with their internal renewable portfolio standards and assisting them in developing an onsite renewable project (solar, wind, bio-gas, etc.)
and/or securing a PPA on renewable project either being developing or marketing its supply or applicable attributes; Non Wire Alternatives with Utilities, etc
* Micro-grid – active in assessment and the development of a Microgrid model and deployment with campus environments, remote locations, etc. Includes distributed
generation such as Solar, Wind, Generation, Storage either Battery or Compressed Air or other, controls, etc
* Distributed generation – economic assessment and viability of prospective generation opportunities such cogeneration, reciprocal engines, back-up generation, solar and
other applicable energy alternatives
* Project Management – managing projects on behalf of customers from being an owner’s representative, to managing the project from concept to fruition
* Sales and Marketing – direct to customers of all segments, indirect through channels  enhancing customer relationship and company value proposition
Recent Customers include:
• Kinder Morgan – Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Project
• Direct Energy
• Ameresco
• Liberty Power
• BidEnergy
• Energy New England
• Sigma Energy Storage
• Swiss Re
• Glidenet Healthcare
• Among others


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