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NB Power is the largest electric utility in Atlantic Canada and is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity throughout New Brunswick. Our more than 2,500 employees across the Province are dedicated to providing customer value to our more than 400,000 direct and indirect customers in New Brunswick by way of over 21,000 km of distribution lines, substations, terminals and switchyards that are interconnected by over 6,800 km of transmission lines.

NB Power has developed one of the most diverse generation fleets in North America to meet the unique daily and seasonal power needs of New Brunswick. Electricity requirements are supplied by 14 generating stations spread throughout the province, through wind and other third-party power purchase agreements (PPA’s), or by importing electricity from neighbouring jurisdictions when markets are favourable.

NB Power has four main operating divisions:

  • Customer Service – Responsible for delivering safe, reliable and reasonably priced energy to customers
  • Generation – Maintains and operates the diverse system consisting of 13 hydro, coal, oil, natural gas and diesel-powered generating stations
  • Nuclear – Maintains and operates the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station (PLNGS), the only nuclear facility in Atlantic Canada
  • Transmission & System Operator – Responsible for maintaining and operating the terminals, switchyards and interconnected transmission lines, as well as ensuring a reliable system is maintained


Darren Murphy, CFO & Senior Vice President, Corporate Services



Meetings Objectives

NB Power Delegates participating in B2B Meetings:

1. Mr. Darren Murphy – CFO & Senior Vice President, Corporate Services
2. Mrs. Lori Clark – Senior Vice President, Operations
3. Mr. Keith Cronkhite – Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning
4. Brett Plummer – Vice President Nuclear & Chief Nuclear Officer
5. Tony O’Hara – Chief Technology Officer and Vice President System Operations