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Qostodian is a data security and integrity assurance platform for medium to large organizations that helps you discover, understand and protect your data assets. Qostodian reduces your risk of data breaches by allowing you to monitor sensitive, protected or confidential data on any device.

With Qostodian, you will know the state of your data holdings at any given time, allowing you to take appropriate action. This awareness is achieved without forcing you to consolidate or otherwise move any data – your data stays where it belongs.

For data integrity assurance, Qostodian seamlessly integrates Immutable Ledger Technology (ILT). This exclusive capability distinguishes the platform from other offerings by assuring the integrity of your data assets in an  independent, resilient and immutable manner. Combined with additional capabilities, Qostodian delivers real end-to-end security.

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Guy Veilleux, Head of Business Development



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