About SpryPoint



SpryPoint was founded on the premise that utilities are in a great position to leverage the technological advances of the last decade. New technologies can seem overly-complex or outside the expertise of the utility. SpryPoint is here to help bridge the gap in how utilities use technology today and tomorrow. SpryPoint utilizes smart, cloud-based solutions to rapidly implement, evolve and grow with our utility customers.

SpryPoint solutions combine the security and agility of cloud applications with a customer focused team of experts with many years experience working in utilities.

Our solutions range from:
Mobile Field Service
Broadband/Fiber Demand Management
Work & Asset Management
Grid Demand Response
Customer Engagement Portals/Communications Platform
Customer Information System (CIS)

All solutions interoperate to build smart workflow processes across the utility or can be implemented independently based on current needs. SpryPoint has utility customers in multiple states and provinces represented at the conference.


Kevin Clancey, Managing Partner



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